5 Miniature Roosters

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Set of 5 ceramic Barcelos Roosters, painted in a variety of bright colors. Simplified miniatures of the traditional Barcelos Rooster.

Available in assorted colors.

The typical rooster, turned into a symbol of Portuguese tourism, was born in the thirties in Galegos Santa Maria by the hands of the potter Domingos Côto.

Size: 6 cm tall


Legend of the Rooster of Barcelos

A pilgrim on his way to Santiago de Compostela is accused of stealing when leaving Barcelos and is sentenced to being hanged. In a final appeal he asks to see the judge, who is about to eat a roasted cockerel. Realizing the judge is not convinced of his innocence the pilgrim points to the roasted cockerel on the table and says: "As surely as I am innocent, will that cock crow if I am hanged!" The judge ignored the call but when the prisoner is to be hanged the cock suddenly rises and crows. Realizing his mistake the judge rushes to the gallows and saves him. According to the legend the pilgrim returned years later to sculpt the Cross of the Lord of the Cock, which is currently in the Archaeological Museum of Barcelos.


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